“As we evolve, our homes should too”

As you travel through your life, your home is an expression of your journey. So, as your life grows and develops, your home should as well. Bringing little changes to your home over time helps you update and revamp your house with the latest trends. In this blog, let's see how small details like knobs, hinges, handles, and pulls can bring big changes.

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  1. Matt Black Pipe Cabinet Handel

These cabinet handles are perfect for modern and minimal interiors, as matte black has won overall contemporary houses. These work best again on nude and white color cabinets. This handle is perfect for your pull-out trash cans in the kitchen or vanities with big drawers.


Made in Turkey

Size:       160MM ; 256MM


  1. Gold Bar Cabinet Handle

Gold cabinet handles are timeless, they complement every color and style. These vertical pulls will highlight the clean lines of your cabinets and certainly add depth and personality to your interior.


Made in Turkey

Size:     128mm ; 192mm


  1. Bamboo Cabinet Handle

The inspiration behind was drawn from the texture of the bamboo plant, having economic and cultural significance in South Asia. These can be installed in your kitchen cabinets, TV tables, or bathrooms.


Made in China

Size:       128mm, 192mm, 256mm, 320mm


  1. The Leather Game – Cabinet Handle

Knobs and handles are like icing on the cake – that small detail that makes a big difference. Naeem Trading company offers leather handles that add a warm, personal touch to your home giving it character and a natural look.


Made in Turkey

Size: 160MM

Colors: Chrome+Cream; Chrome+Dark Blue; Chrome+White


  1. Coffee Mosaic Cabinet Handle

Coffee… Who doesn’t love coffee? So, why not add coffee-colored handles to your cabinets? These handles have a unique mosaic pattern that makes them special and gives your living space an elevated look.


Made in China

Size: 96mm, 128mm


  1. Geometric Game – Cabinet Handle

If you are tired of simple cabinet handle designs, then this geometric interlinked cabinet Handel is for you. Spruce up your boring old cabinets with these dramatic handles, and believe me this will bring a positive change to your living space.

Made in Turkey

Size: 160 mm

Colors: Golden, Chrome


  1. Vintage Cabinet Handel

Deeply inspired by European history, this cabinet handle is meant to represent century-old culture and customs and thus became a simple yet detailed hardware piece that reflects old crafting techniques and traditions. Furthermore, this hardware design is the perfect complement for dark-toned cabinet designs!

Made in Turkey
Size: 128 mm

Color: Antique Bronze


  1. Honey Comb Cabinet Handle

Another nature-inspired design, this cabinet handle has an intricate hexagonal honeycomb pattern on it. This represents the hard work the bees add to build their home and the beauty of nature. You can install these handles on the kitchen cabinets, in the bathroom, or on your bedroom cabinets.


Made in China
Size: 160mm, 224mm