Everyone wants to turn their house into their dream home or at least make minor updates here and there, but that's often easier said than done. Whether you're upgrading your space or gearing up to sell, renovating your home is a big undertaking and financial decision. So, don't make rash decisions; get all your home upgrades done with superior quality products from Naeem Trading Company.

From compelling kitchen designs and accessories to sturdy doors, you name it; Naeem Trading Company has everything in store for you. We work with some of the leading brands from all over the world. Our product partners include Dupont, Scavolini, Franke, Garofoli, Teka, AGT, Sandor, Gemadoor, Giessigi, and more.

Don't Underestimate the Kitchen Remodel

  1. Kitchen Countertops

Let's begin with the kitchen, known as the heart of the house. Countertops are the centerpiece of any kitchen, as they visually make a big statement, and physically, they have to withstand food prep, spills, craft time, and frequent cleaning. If you have quality cabinetry, but your countertops are an eyesore or challenging to maintain, it's worth investing in new countertops.

Many materials are available today for countertops, like Granite, quartz, marble, and Corian. Among these, Corian is the newest technology with many benefits like easy to maintain, variety of colors and designs, and budget-friendly. If you are confused about choosing Corian as your countertop, here is a guide about Corian Vs. Granite Kitchen Countertops and 9 fun facts about Corian that will convince you that it's the best option for your kitchen.

  1. Enhanced Kitchen Storage

You have a beautiful kitchen but not enough storage space – A disaster. The next thing to invest in is kitchen cabinets and shelves to improve your kitchen's storage space and aesthetics. Modern kitchens are not about open shelving storage; people now understand that those are not practical. Traditional pantries are seeing a comeback; consider building out an underutilized corner of the kitchen, tapping into the wall of a nearby room, or converting a nearby closet if you have one. This increased storage is not only better for your everyday use, but it will also add value to your home.

Moreover, there are many style options for kitchen cabinets ranging from shaker cabinets to beadboard cabinets and wall cabinets to base cabinets. You can use AGT UV sheets available at Naeem trading company to obtain high-quality cabinets for your dream kitchen.

  1. Other Kitchen Updates

Some other updates that your kitchen might need are the cabinet hardware upgrade, like you can change knobs and handles with some latest high-quality ones. You can also buy kitchen accessories like plate racks, spoon holders, and fruit baskets to improve the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.

Another upgrade is buying new kitchen appliances. They are expensive, but investing in them improves your kitchen and lifestyle. There is a vast market of kitchen appliances available, so here is your guide to finding the best one.

Give your Bedrooms & Livingroom A boost

  1. Add A Twist To The Walls

Painting your interior walls is one of the smallest home improvement investments, but it can still bump your home's value. Painting is a perennial DIY project that fills the space with your unique personality, though if you're planning on selling, sticking with neutral colors is the safest bet.

Painting is not the only option when freshening up the walls, but you can also play around with wall paneling. You can achieve contemporary home interiors with minimum burden on the pocket and little effort. Here are some fun ways to incorporate wall paneling into your home interiors.

  1. Wardrobe For Your Room

When your room is messy, all you need is a wardrobe space. So, jump to Pinterest, save your favorite styles, and jot down your requirements for your customized wardrobes. This is an easy upgrade that will improve your lifestyle and room aesthetics.

Naeem Trading company offers highly customized wardrobes that suit your storage and aesthetic requirements. We also offer a wide range of wardrobe accessories that help organize your space better.

  1. Reinvigorate Interior Doors, Too

Don't forget to repair those creaky, non-lockable interior doors while you're at it. You know, the ones warped from the heat or cold, sticking and swelling in their frames? They're not directly exposed to the elements, so you're more likely to be able to repair worn-out interior doors rather than replace them altogether. But if you want to up the game, you can use ready-made doors that are easy to install and are designed with the latest trends to elevate your home interiors.

  1. Let's Light it Up

Interior designers know that lighting can make or break a room. Different rooms have different lighting needs, but ideally, every room should have three different types of lighting. The main categories of lighting include general lighting that will illuminate the room at large; task lighting for reading, preparing meals, or desk work; and decorative accent lighting that creates ambiance. A well-lit room looks finished and feels inviting, whereas a poorly lit room can look and feel gloomy and incomplete.

Naeem Trading Company has an extensive range of lights, including wall lights, table lamps, and chandeliers for all your lighting needs. Here are guides to help you light up your room.

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Latest Lighting Trends for Your Home

Spruce Up Bathrooms

Though they seem like tiny details in the big picture, bathroom accessories are essential for you. Since many people don't always have the chance to splurge on an entirely new bathroom, you might need to add some inspiring details like Turning Shelves and Baskets, towel rails, soap holders, and brush holders. These will give your bathroom a fresh, elegant, and expensive look.

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