Seed out Pakistan is a non-profit, interest-free, transparent crowdfunding platform that enables people to start their businesses through interest-free loans. Their main aim is poverty alleviation by allowing people to generate successful enterprises that serve as a source of sustainable income.

Key Features of Seed Out

100% Cashless: They do not provide cash to people but start a business for them.

100% Interest-Free: Loans are interest-free, making it easy for the beneficiaries to start their business.

100% Transparent: They have developed interactive dashboards that help track the borrower's progress.

Why in need of Seed out Pakistan?

As a developing country, poverty is among the biggest problems in Pakistan. People are facing difficulty in meeting the necessities of life. There are few employment opportunities for this poverty-stricken population. It becomes challenging when one wants to start a small business because of the general lack of access to low-cost capital. Moreover, they cannot even take loans from the bank because of high-interest rates.

How does Seed Out Pakistan work?

It is a very simple procedure. Seed out uploads the profiles of candidates on their website, and then donors decide whom they want to donate. All the fund collected is then used to help establish a business for the borrower. When he pays his loan back, this amount is used to support another candidate. It is a cycle that keeps regulating and empowering people to start their businesses.

Other Efforts By seed Out

Free Health

In Pakistan, health is an expensive sector and has become an issue for poverty-stricken communities. So, seed out provides free-of-cost healthcare facilities at its partner hospitals and a Tele-Health service that allows easy access to health care.

Free Education

Education is considered secondary when the necessities of life are not filled. In this case, many children are doing labor rather than going to school. Seed out Pakistan is working hard to make education common by ensuring that all entrepreneurs raised through its platform send their children to school.

Women's Empowerment

Seed Out doesn't discriminate based on gender. It works to empower women all across Pakistan by helping them establish their businesses. Divorced or widowed women are given loans on a priority basis.

Seed out Success Stories

Seed Out has changed many lives through its fantastic initiative to empower people by helping them establish income generation streams. Here are few stories that shows how this platform has changed people's lives.

Muhammad Arshad

Muhammad Ashraf had a small pan shop in Lahore; he wanted to expand his shop to increase sales. He did not have the investment to expand his shop. So, one of his friends recommended him to contact seed out. Now he has a big pan shop which is making great sales.

Muhammad Zeeshan

Muhammad Zeeshan worked as a clerk in a shop with minimum wage. His pay was not enough to support his family. He wanted to start his own business, so he contacted seed out Pakistan. They helped him start his own business by buying him machines. He now has his own business and supports his family.

Let's Put An End To Poverty

Seed out such an amazing platform that empowers people by establishing their businesses by providing them with interest-free loans. This year, Naeem Trading Company (NTC) has collaborated with Seed Out to Change people's lives by helping them become self-sustaining. So, why not all join our hands and make this effort successful. Let's donate as much as we can to change people's lives by empowering them.

"Those who spend in charity will be richly rewarded." Al Quran 57:10