Are you planning to upgrade your kitchen appliances? Usually, you do this upgrade after 10 years, which can be a little intimidating because of the new trends over time. There have been significant technology and efficiency breakthroughs– not to mention all the latest cosmetic trends – so you may have a world of new options to consider when making your choices.

So, before you start deciding which appliances to buy, here are 7 things you should consider:

  1. Set a Budget

Usually, when you start looking for appliances, you are attracted by the most expensive ones. But my dear friends, that can be a rip in the wallet. To protect yourself from being tempted by the beauty of these costly appliances, set your budget ahead of time.

If you have your budget predefined, you'll be able to find the gems hidden somewhere with a little effort. Moreover, if you want to update the whole kitchen, many retailers offer very convenient bundle offers for anyone to buy on a limited budget.

  1. Measure

Identifying the right size for your next appliance is critical. While dishwashers and ranges have standardized dimensions, refrigerators and laundry units vary wildly. Make sure you know how much space you need to fill and how much space you need to leave open for airflow, electrical cables, or other factors. 

But it's not just the cutouts in the cabinetry you need to worry about; remember that appliances also need to get through every door, up every staircase, and around every corner. The delivery people may be experienced, but the laws of physics still bind them. So measure every passageway between the delivery truck and the final destination before you purchase.

  1. Read reviews

Now that you have a list of appliances that fit your budget and measurements, it's time to read reviews. Believe me; it's the best trick to know every pro and con of the product you are about to buy.

Many small publications share reviews about various products, and customer reviews are the best way to find out how durable it is. Remember that satisfied customers rarely bother to leave comments. Negative comments should be taken with a grain of salt, but if you find everyone is complaining about the same aspect of a product, they're probably onto something.

  1. Visit a retailer

Okay, my friends, now that you have read your reviews, the next thing is to see the appliance in reality. You cannot judge the aesthetics and color of the product by just reviewing it online.

Kitchen appliances are high-touch items, so you need to ensure they are made of good material. The doors open and close smoothly, and the racks are sturdy enough to carry all the weight.

  1. Measure (again)

Most likely, you have decided at this stage, but let me remind you to measure again. Make sure your appliance will pass through all the doors and fit in its place. We know you don't want your dream oven to return just because it didn't fit.

  1. Know your warranties and return policies

Appliance warranties are a very long discussion, but the short version is that you should know what is (and is not) covered under the manufacturer and retailer warranty. Typically it's one year for parts and labor. After that, core parts of the product, like a washer's drive or an oven's heating elements, are often covered for up to five years, but you'll need to pay for the labor to service them. Extended warranties are usually not worth the money.

  1. Kitchen reno? Consider a designer

Doing a kitchen reno entirely on your own is certainly possible. Hundreds of advice blogs and Pinterest boards will set you on the path. But considering a professional designer is also a great option as they bring objectivity and out-of-the-box solutions, which can be vital if you have an unusually shaped room or other limitations. Yes, you'll pay for their services, but it may save you money, time, and a lot of hassle in the long run.

Summing Up

Naeem Trading Company is trusted for kitchen appliances in Pakistan. We are certified distributors of Franke and Simfer Kitchen appliances in Pakistan. Moreover, we offer Italian kitchen designs from products from the world's leading designer kitchen brands. So, transform your kitchen into a wonderfully creative environment, and experience the pleasures that cooking, eating, and entertaining in a kitchen fitted with unique products can bring.

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