Chandeliers can be anything but boring. They add style and sparkle to the most unexpected places of your house. A typical perspective is that chandeliers are for living rooms or big restaurants but there are unlimited ways to use chandeliers. They can also alleviate kitchens, bedrooms, and a children’s room. Chandeliers were a sign of royalty in the past, but modern designers have perfect ideas to utilize chandeliers to give contemporary look to homes.

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Nowadays chandeliers are used in bedrooms, bathrooms, lobby, and kitchen. Chandeliers add elegance and style to any room. Here are some ideas you can add sparkle to your home with chandeliers.

Chandeliers for Dining Room

Chandeliers play a great role in alleviating a dining room. The main aim of dining room lighting is to bring focus to the table so, the best place is to hang it just above the table. When buying a chandelier for your dining room, keep in mind that it should be one-half to two-thirds the width of the table. If you buy a small chandelier, then your dining room will look dull and enough focus will not come on the table.

Chandeliers for Living Room

Living rooms are like the heart of the house. You spend most of your family time in the living room and make great memories. You want your living room to be comfortable yet stylish. So, to add a wow factor to your living room a chandelier is the best choice. A chandelier that is hung in the living room will surely be admired. Everyone loves admiration right?  You can have many options for your living room. You can choose any style of the chandelier from classic, vintage, or modern according to your taste.

Chandeliers for Hallway and Entryways

You can make your home more lively by adding perfect lighting fixtures in your hallways and Entryways. When someone enters your home the first thing that makes an impression is your entryway. You can enliven it by adding a beautiful chandelier. Choose the size of the chandelier depending on your space.

Make your tour from room to room fun by adding a small chandelier in your hallway. Chandeliers spice up your hallways with their spark and beauty. Many options in the chandelier are available for different looks.

Chandeliers for Kitchen

A kitchen is a place where families come together to cook and share stories, where you eat breakfast and read the news every morning. So, it is an important part of the house which should be given special attention. When lighting the kitchen many factors should be considered. Many people think that there is no place for a chandelier in a kitchen but that is a misconception. A chandelier brings elegance, softness, or feminine essence to a practical space like the kitchen. You can use a chandelier above the countertops to make the working space more lively.

Chandeliers in Bedroom

A bedroom is a personalized space and is designed according to one’s taste. You can choose a chandelier according to your personality to bring a personal touch to your room. Chandeliers add ambient lighting to your room rather than harsh lighting. A beautiful chandelier hung just above the bed gives a romantic and royal look to your room.

A chandelier is not only for the master bedroom but you can also place them in the children's or guest bedroom to give them more cozy vibes. Chandeliers as compared to other lights give a more sophisticated look to your rooms. So, don’t hesitate to spice up your bedrooms with chandeliers.

Chandeliers in Bathroom

When decorating a washroom many people will never consider adding a chandelier in a bathroom. But sometimes experimenting gives the best results. Chandeliers in washrooms add a wow factor to your washrooms. You can enjoy the luxury with chandeliers even in your small washroom. The best placement is above the bathtub to give a royal feel.

Final Thoughts

Chandeliers are perfect for alleviating your interior. They are not just lights but also a wonderful décor item that can bring class and a touch of art to your living space. Their variable styles and sizes help you decide on the best jewels for your home. So, bring innovation to your living space with these beautiful pieces of art.

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