Light fixtures are one of the important things to choose for a home. They can be statement-makers or play a supporting role to other pieces in a room. One question that comes to mind pretty frequently is how do you choose light fixtures that coordinate with each other? Because in an open floor plan coordinated lights play an important role in the interior of the home. Naeem Trading Company (NTC) has a vast collection of lights in Lahore which has an extensive collection of foyers, dining lights, and wall lights.

It’s nice to have a cohesive general scheme throughout your home (e.g. wall lights, pendants, and chandeliers), even if you don’t have an open floor plan. There are so many different arrangements you can go and the combinations you can choose are endless, but today let’s keep things simple and see what is trending.

Coordinated Leaf Light Fixtures

Bringing the touch of nature to your living space. These coordinated lights in Lahore have small glass leaves that are connected with gold detailing giving these pieces a stylish touch. These types of lighting fixtures go well with both traditional and contemporary interiors. Here is a guide on where to place each fixture.

  • Place this linear Chandelier above your dining table to spread light in your dining area making your meal time more refreshing.
  • This Chandelier can be hung in the hallway, living room, or your bedroom. Choose a place that is close to your dining room, this will give your interior a cohesive look.
  • These leafy wall lights are the perfect partner to your chandelier completing the look of any room you are placing your leaf chandelier in.

The Contemporary Bulb Light Fixtures

These gorgeous light fixtures have beautiful glass balls with a gorgeous soft subtle display of light. The gold and black stems complement the old-fashioned bulbs giving these light fixtures are modern look. These can be used in homes as well as in commercial areas, giving the space a boho look.

Here is a guide on where to place each fixture.

  • If you have a dining room with a nude and black color scheme then, hang this linear contemporary chandelier above your dining table. This will elevate your dining room look.
  • To complement the dining room lights hang this boho chandelier in the living room or the hallway.

The Royal Traditional Light Fixtures

The perfect pick for royal arrangements. An antique silhouette gets a traditional feel with these light fixtures. All the gold and antique looks will make you feel like you are standing in a palace. If you love to have luxury and royal interiors then these light fixtures are for you.

Here is a guide on where to place each fixture.

  • Place this royal antique chandelier in your extravagant drawing room having a gold interior.
  • To complement the chandelier place these royal wall lights that resemble fancy candle stands of the past.

Lighting plays a great role in the interior of your house. So, keep your lighting game strong with Naeem trading Company Coordinated Light sets. Make a statement with these extravagant lights in Lahore to add more structure and grandeur to your living spaces, whilst illuminating the area with its immense lighting ability.

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