When decorating your home you realize it’s the small detailing that matters the most. Table lamps are used for layer lighting. They are the perfect alternative to harsh headlights, providing a cozy vibe to your room. Even though there are many types of table lamps available but it can become difficult to choose. So, here is a list of top trending table lamps in Pakistan that you can choose from.

Table lamps are great for decorative purposes as well as functionality. There are many places in your home where you can place table lamps and illuminate them. Table lamps are perfect for placing on your bedside tables, study table, or in your living rooms.

Classic Drum Table Light

This table light can be used to decorate and light various places in your home. The grey lampshade with a beautifully golden designed ring base adds a modern touch to your living space. You can place this lamp in your living room or the console table.

Royal Gold Table Light       

You can never say no to gold. A beautifully crafted golden base that speaks royalty is perfect for your bedside tables. This lamp with its soft cozy lighting creates a charming ambiance in your room.

Contemporary Table Light

With the new work-from-home trend you need a perfect working space in your home. A study table with this contemporary table light will surely attract you to your work. No one likes working in a shady dark place. So, add just perfect lighting to your working space with this trendy light on your desk.

Vintage Table Light

Vintage lamps are always in trend adding a warm and peaceful vibe to your living space. This lamp is just perfect for placing in your guest room. This will add a welcoming feel to your guest room, making their stay happy. This table lamp comes with a crystal base and pastel blue lamp shade.

Gold Crystal Table Light

A fancy table light is all you need for your beautifully decorated living room. The living room is the center of your house and its interior plays a great role in the overall look of the house. This golden table lamp with crystals adds a fancy and trendy look to your home.

Why Table Lamps are Important?

Table lamps are very important for the interior of your house. There are so many reasons that you cannot skip adding table lamps to your home.


Table lamps can add so much aesthetic to your space, that you will become obsessed with them. Simply a beautiful table lamp placed on top of a table can add so much aesthetic to a place that there is no going back for that love of lamps.

Limited Illumination

One of the best things about lamps is that it only illuminates a limited space. It's best for reading and working at odd times or when you just want to focus on one thing.

These can be very helpful when you share a room with your partner. You can easily do your tasks at night while your partner enjoys their sleep peacefully.

Soothing Vibes

If you are a person that avoids flashy sparkling lights then table lamps are for you. Table lamps add just a limited amount of light to your living space giving a soothing and comforting vibe to the place.

Summing Up

Table lamps are a complete package of functionality and aesthetics. You can place these in places where you want limited illumination and maximum decoration. There is a long list of options you can choose from when buying a table lamp in Pakistan but we at Naeem Trading Company strive to provide our customers with the best options possible.

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