Interior doors seem utilitarian and uninteresting, but they can be integral to a room's decor. There are many styles and types of interior doors in Lahore, so make sure you consider what you are buying when building your new custom home or remodeling your existing one. Here's what you need to know when choosing interior doors for your home.


Believe me or not, Your doors significantly impact how you and others view your home. Depending on the size, style, and design, they can completely change the look of your home.

When talking about the colors of the door, it is a crucial choice. Neutral tones and colors accompany any interior, but special-themed interiors require special attention. Depending on the material and texture of your doors, a bright splash of color can elevate the look of your home. Dark browns, blacks, and neutrals are an easy way to make your doors discrete and stylish. Darker, bolder colors command attention and give off a sense of intrigue and mystery.

Other than the color, the door size also matters; a small room with a large door will look awkward. So, consider the size you will choose when choosing the interior doors.

Extra Points: Another thing you can do to add an aesthetic look to your door is to install modern hardware (knockers, handles, and knobs).


Don't just please your eyes when choosing your doors but also keep in mind the functionality. There is no point in having an aesthetically pleasing door if it does not fulfill the needs. For example, bedrooms and bathrooms require thicker doors to provide privacy and soundproofing. While Closets only need doors to block a view, so there's no need for detailed specifications.


Now that aesthetics and functionality have been checked off, let's dive deeper and learn about the materials you can find for interior doors in Lahore. There are many options to choose from, and each has its qualities and costs.

Solid Wood

Solid wood doors are made from various species, such as mahogany, maple, cherry, alder, fir, and pine. Some species are hardwood, and some are soft, each with unique characteristics that affect the graining and color of the wood. Solid wood doors provide a high level of sound reduction. They also feel substantial in weight and have a sturdy look. Remember that temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause solid wood doors to shrink, expand, or warp, so choose a composite door for a bathroom or other damp area in your home.

Hollow Core

Hollow core doors are made of plywood, fiberglass, or molded composite skin on the outside, and the inside contains a cardboard honeycomb. These are available in a variety of styles and are more budget-friendly. Although these are a good option, you should remember that these are hollow from the inside and not soundproof or temperature control.

Solid Core

Solid core is a great option if you want a better, budget-friendly solution to solid wood doors. The solid core door is made of fiberglass, wood, or wood composite on the outside, and the inside contains a wood composite. These offer comparatively more soundproofing and temperature control than hollow core doors.

Glass and Metal Frame

For a contemporary look, glass doors with metal frames are installed. These doors are best for closets or rooms that do not require much privacy.

Choose your style

Interior doors don't have to be boring. Whether your home is contemporary or rustic, there are ways to customize your interior doors to complement your style. You can choose a one-panel door that is modern looking or a six-panel door for a more traditional feel.

Panel Doors

They have a long history and have been around in the construction industry for many years. Traditional wood joiners, rails, and stiles are used to construct the frame, and panels fit in between the framework. You can choose the number and material (wood or glass) of panels you desire.

Flush Doors

A flush door is a flat door with a smooth surface. It comprises a wooden framework covered by ply, MDF Board, or Natural wood on both sides. Flush doors are practical in design and work well with contemporary decor. They have smooth surfaces on both sides and hollow portions on the inside, filled with an infill material like cardboard.

French Doors

Commonly thought of as a pair of swinging, glass-paneled doors, a French door refers to any door with glass panels throughout its length. They are typically positioned in pairs for aesthetic reasons, though they sometimes make an elegant addition as a single panel.

Many experts are using this interior door in Lahore for contemporary houses. These are usually a division between the living room and dining area. So, install these doors in your home and allow all the natural light to come into your living space, giving it a lively touch.

Sliding or Barn Doors

Sliding doors are back in trend. Many houses in Lahore are now installing sliding interior doors in their homes. They are typically used for closets or other spaces that will not accommodate a swinging door, and they can be mirrored to help make a small room seem larger.

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