Wall Lights and Sconces in Lahore – Pakistan

Wall Lights and Sconces in Lahore – Pakistan

Wall Lights and Sconces in Lahore – Pakistan

A sconce commonly known as a wall light is typically a lighting fixture that is installed using the wall for support. Wall sconces serve two purposes, Illumination and saving space. These lights are very popular among interior designers, homeowners, and contractors as they are very versatile, these can be installed indoors ( corridors or foyers) or outdoors. Naeem Trading company has the best collection of Wall Lights and Scones in Pakistan.

Where You Can Install Wall Lights And Sconces?

To elevate the beauty of entryways wall lights are installed. These are also a great option for lighting up narrow corridors as these don’t take up much space. In living rooms, sconces are mounted near the fireplace to accentuate the fireplace wall making it the center of attention.

Outdoor wall lights or sconces play a great role to bring light to a garden, walkway, or deck. People mostly use these lights on the main gate to elevate the exterior of the house. Moreover, these can be installed on stairs or pathways to prevent any accident like slipping.

Favorite Styles to Choose From

Many different style options of Wall Lights and Sconces are available in Pakistan.


Wallchieres resemble free-standing floor lamps, designed to blend the decorative elements of sconces with the lighting benefits of a floor lamp.

Lantern Wall Lights and Scones

Lantern wall sconces make a stylish statement whether they are installed indoors or outdoor. Because of their unique look, they tend to be more visually appealing in older homes and buildings.

Candle Wall Lights and Sconces

Candle wall lights are designed to add a hint of a historical or classical look to any room where they are installed. They are suggestive of the very first wall sconce types, and much safer as these don’t use a real flame.