Light Your Home on Budget with NTC Wall Lights and Pendants

Light Your Home on Budget with NTC Wall Lights and Pendants

Lighting plays a great role in bringing novelty to your home. Many people when renovating their home don,t consider the budget for lighting and in the end, go for the low-quality wall lights. These low-quality lights will give a monotonous look to your newly renovated home.

Using the perfect lights can make or break your overall home look. Adding new lights to your room without bringing any other change can even bring a new dimension to your room. Lights are like jewels for your home and everyone wants budget-friendly yet extremely stylish lights. So, Naeem Trading Company (NTC) brings budget-friendly wall lights, pendants, and chandeliers.

Wall Lights and Scones

Wall lights or sconces add an extra layer of light to your living space. Wall lights are a modernized version of wall brackets that were used with candles in the past. Now, candles have been replaced with light bulbs and give your home a modern castle looks.

Wall lights come in old-fashioned and contemporary styles. You can choose according to the interior of your home. Another plus point of wall lights is that they can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Perfect outdoor places where you can use wall lights are next to a porch, in front of a garage, at a side door, or on a rear wall. They are used to guide the path in dark places. Ideal places for your indoor wall lights can be a dining room, near an art piece, stairways, and hallways.

Here are a few perfect budget-friendly wall lights options you can choose from.

Wall Lights Under 10,000 Rupees

Contemporary Globe Wall Light

A simple, elegant, and modern globe light is perfect for lighting up your bedroom and bathrooms. This Globe wall light with gold detailing can add a new look to your room. This is a versatile piece that can be used with both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Flower Globe Wall Light

A cute addition to your home is this flower globe wall light. This is perfect for your living room or dining room. This wall light will add light as well as a creative look to your living space. So, give a trendy look to your house without burdening your budget.

Drop Style Wall Light

This modern drop-style light is perfect for placing on either side of the bed or in your living room, where you like to do your office work or read books. This will give an innovative look to your room as well as, a well-lit room.

Traditional Wall Light

If you are more into fancy wall lights then this is the perfect budget-friendly option for you. This wall light can be used in hallways, staircases, and living rooms. It is a statement piece and will surely add a luxurious look to your living space.

Pendant Lights

In recent years pendant lights have become famous. They are designed to highlight what is below them and give a voyage look to your living space. Usually, pendant lights are designed to illuminate small spaces which will save electricity as well as spotlight the small areas of your home.

Mostly pendants are hung above kitchen counter tables, Dinning tables, Hallways, or a study table. Here are some amazing budget-friendly picks for your beautiful home.

Pendant Lights Under 15,000 Rupees

Contemporary Pendant Light       

This contemporary pendant light adds layers of light to your living space while bringing the look and feel of the latest design aesthetic into your decor. This pendant light is ideal for hanging just above the study table and enjoying doing your office work or reading your favorite books.

Cage Pendant Light

If you have a small entry hall then this is the best option for your home. Entryways are the first thing that makes the first impression. So, adding an elegant pendant light like this to the entry hall is a great way to light up your hall. Moreover, this pendant is also a great way to light up your hallways while giving them a modern look.

Modern Black Pendant Light

Searching for lights that can enhance the beauty of your kitchen? Then this cute yet stylish black pendant light is a great option. Hang these cute pendant lights just above your kitchen island to bring more attention to your working space.

Vintage Lantern Pendant Light

Perfect lighting in dinning room is must for having an enjoyable dinner. The dining room is a special place where all the focus must be on the dining table. Hanging a pendant light just above the table serves this purpose. This vintage lantern pendant light brings both style and light to your dining room without being a burden on the budget.

Summing Up

Other than these options there are many other budget-friendly light options available at Naeem Trading Company. We have an extensive collection of lights ranging from chandeliers, wall lights, and pendant lights. Light up your living space with Lights from Naeem Trading Company without being a burden on your pockets.

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